Monday, September 19, 2011

Ed Kramer Did No Harm

The Mother and the child in Connecticut stand behind Ed Kramer 100% in saying he did no harm.

Last Tuesday's arrest of Edward Kramer was unwarranted.  The teenage boy was working on a movie project in Milford, Connecticut and his Mother had asked Ed to work with him and help him out. She established Ed as the child's guardian for the project.  She knew her child was with Ed, she wanted her child to be with Ed, and she supervised the time her child was with Ed.

The Mother stands behind Ed 100% in saying there was nothing improper that went on between Ed and her son.  The teenage boy also stands behind Ed 100% in saying there was was no improper relationship.

Both the Mother and the son are very upset with the police for what they have done. Ed Kramer's arrest was unwarranted, and the police know there is no evidence to the contrary.

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Tim Lieder said...

Sure the mother is upset. I mean it's not every day that you let your son get raped.