Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ed Kramer arrested in Connecticut

There is a recent story in the news about Edward Kramer being arrested in Milford, Connecticut this past week.

The reported story frames itself in the usual rhetoric designed to hide the truth by reporting the facts.  The alleged offense is a misdemeanor, has nothing to do with child molestation or anything related.  A sample story highlight reads
DragonCon impresario Edward Kramer, an accused child molester who was caught Tuesday staying in a Connecticut motel room with a 14-year-old boy.
Once again the arrest had nothing to do with child molestation or anything related.  Oddly enough, the concept of a child living in a motel room that also contains an adult is a reasonably common scenario repeated every week in every state in the US. This probably occurred over a million times on different days and different cities in the US last year alone.  And there is nothing criminal about it.  Even without supporting statistics, anyone would agree it certainly had happened hundreds of thousands of times.

The reasoning for a child being in a motel room can be the parents and friends being on vacation, a state of homelessness requiring temporary shelter, work conditions away from home, or any of many other reasons, none of which are criminal in the least.

As it turns out, in this particular case, the teenager is an emerging actor of numerous movies, commercials, Broadway productions, and other acting jobs and was on location doing  a film shoot.

The Mother of the child reports that the police interviewed her extensively in Connecticut asking why she would allow a person accused of child molestation crimes to assist with supervising her child?  Well, why not allow a friend of the family to help out? Her and her son have known Ed for some time and have found him to be trustworthy, helpful, and a kind person they can call a friend.

Has there been any inappropriate conduct between Ed and the boy?  Absolutely not. Another Mother expressed the same sentiment.  She said that knowing of Ed's legal problems even though she felt he was innocent, she watched him very carefully when her son was around him.  And no, Ed is a gentle, kind man who never did or said anything inappropriate.

So what was Ed Kramer doing in Connecticut? Ed is a well known author with several movie credits showing him as a writer, producer, or director. He was there as part of a movie project. As reported in the press he was acting as the teenager's guardian.

What crime occurred?  No one can point to anything criminal that was done.  The actual misdemeanor charge is "injury or risk of injury to a minor". It's a charge that can be used when a minor is left unattended, or when a minor gets into trouble of some sort. It's a broad charge that can be used to mean "Well, we couldn't find anything that actually happened, but if circumstances were different, something might have happened."

What seems to have happened is that a parent who did not know Ed Kramer found out he was there and made a call to the police to suggest something was wrong.  The police arrived, had questions in their minds, but could not find an actual problem, so they arrested Ed with this charge as a cover for their actions. The police wanted to protect themselves in case things were not what they seemed to be.

It is sad that Ed is caught up in this mess.  The child and Mother also wish the arrest had never happened.

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