Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The REAL monster writes


Mr. Kramer did do what he is accused of doing. He has caused a lot of damage to these boys that they have had to work hard to overcome. It is Mr. Kramers doing that the court cases have been postponed so many times. If he wanted a speedy trial that he shouldn't have had them postponed.

These young men want this over just as much as everyone else does. They are now grown men and will not go away. They will see this to the bitter end. You all say this is a "Witch Hunt" or a "religious fight" , you all have it all wrong. Mr. Kramer was not a strong Jew when this all started. He attended a few christian services and a young boys conformation. (Although now I am aware that this was part of his manipulation).

These boys are grown and have lives of their own and WILL come back to make sure Mr. Kramer is sentenced as he should be. They want to see this man sentenced, labeled, and want to look this monster in the eye and tell him that he is not worth the dirt under their feet.

Yes, he is guilty. Yes, he performed unmentionable things on these children. He is a pervert and a monster and any man that perfers little boys should suffer.

I try to be a good christian. As a christian, I am supposed to forgive everything. I have had many, many long talks with Jesus about just this topic. I hope the good Lord will forgive me, because I have nothing but contempt for this creature.

I want this snake to suffer and if he is as ill as everyone say, Which I doubt. He is suffering. Everytime I hear of a new ailment that he has, I say, "Thank you Jesus!" Because, I know that he is answering my prayers to make him suffer. I hope this creature looses everything (Health, House, Money, friends, everything.) He is the serpant that tempted these boys and tricked and abused them, instead.

So, you all just go ahead and have your sit in. It is Mr. Kramer that has caused the delays. The trial was ready to go many, many times. It was ready to go last year, when he decided to appeal. Which in itself is a farse. Now we have a few more years to way, I presume, because of this monster. So, I hope that everyone that comes. Enjoys each others company.

Edward Eliot Kramer is a guilty man. We are just waiting for him to stop prolonging the inevitable, so that he can be legally labeled as such.


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